Our programme is led by world class researchers who are committed to delivering flexible research-led learning.

Our programme includes both academic and non-academic courses for student and staff to fully develop their skills.

We strongly encourage and support research initiatives across all levels of academia.

Our students and staff  engage with science at an international level by taking part in conferences & seminars as well as establishing collaborations with scientific institutions worldwide.


Find out more about our PhD student alumni and their research projects

dr Sara Mikac, Identification of a novel, transcription-independent role of Nrf2 in lung cells, 2022

dr Marcos Mayordomo,  Integration as a solution: A multi-omic approach to cancer diseases, 2022

dr Maria Camila Tovar Fernandez, Origin of antigenic peptides in MHC class I pathway, 2022

dr Ewa Sroka, The role of alternative sources of antigenic peptides for the major histocompatibility complex class I in the formation of immune responses and immune tolerance, 2022