International Scientific Committee

International Scientific Committee (ISC) is an international body composed of distinguished representatives of science and, where justified by the need to facilitate the attainment of project objectives, also entrepreneurs who have experience in cooperating with scientists in research and development works or entrepreneurs experienced in the implementation of new technologies.

Responsibilities of the ISC include:

  1. Regular review of the Research Agenda of the Centre and introduction of changes as necessary, e.g. on account of advances in scientific research in a given domain. The ISC will conduct a review at least every 4 years.
  2. Evaluation of the work of all research group leaders and their teams. The ISC conducts an evaluation at least every 4 years.
  3. Giving opinions on hiring decisions of the Centre with regard to independent researchers or winners of the European Research Council competition.
  4. Announcing and holding the competition for research group leaders to work for the IRAP implementing unit, including as leaders of the Centre through:
  • approval of the competition rules and criteria prepared by the unit,
  • approval of the scope of criteria for the manager or leader,
  • evaluation of submissions and issue of recommendations for the hiring of the best candidate(s).

International Scientific Committee Members at ICCVS are:

  • prof. David Argyle (University of Edinburgh)
  • dr Laura Bindilla (University of Mainz)
  • dr James Clark (Predictimmune, UK)
  • prof. Laura Elo (University of Turku)
  • dr Guillaume Darrasse-Jeze (University of Paris)
  • prof. Grzegorz Węgrzyn (University of Gdansk)
  • dr Jeremy Bradshaw (University of Bath)
  • dr Markus Waldhuber (Adivo GmbH)
  • prof. Rafał Dziadziuszko (Medical University of Gdansk)
  • prof. Ryszard Smoleński (Medical University of Gdansk)
  • prof. Richard Mellanby (University of Edinburgh)