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Lecture for undergaduate students about cellular therapies within the UG initiative UG Lesson-

prof. Natalia Marek- Trzonkowska



Keeping Women in STEM Careeres- Fixing the Leaky Pipe Webminar

Together with RESBIOS partner Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM-CSIC) from Barcelona ICCVS is taking part in a discussion on Keeping Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Careers

Lectures by:

Prof Doris Elster – Biology and Science Education, University of Bremen- “Interest and Recruitment in Science – Why Women choose STEM Studies”

Prof Natalia Marek- Trzonkowska– International Centre for Cancer Vaccine Science, University of Gdańsk- “Why so few women reach professorship positions in science and how we can change it” (00:23:00)

“Personalization. Is it the right key to defeat cancer?”- podcast of POLITYKA in the series “Science for Innovations” with prof. Natalia Marek- Trzonkowska


Debate of Foundation for Polish Science

Internationality and multidisciplinarity accelerate discoveries and are crucial for development of novel, safe and effective therapies. These ideas have been supported by International Research Agenda Programme (IRAP) of Foundation for Polish Science and we are happy to participate in these changes.

Below the link to debate regarding IRAPs and studies that are conducted by our teams.

Work- Life Balance- place for kids at your work

The interview with prof. Natalia Marek- Trzonkowska during morning TV programme “Good morning here Gdańsk” (01:08:14)