Strategic partner

The strategic partnership of ICCVS is formed with The University of Edinburgh.

The University of Edinburgh has a high level strategic interest in fostering inter-disciplinary and international research teams to deliver personalized cancer vaccines that fulfils the Grand Challenge agenda of international cancer charities (Cancer Research UK) and UK governmental funding bodies. The strategic collaboration between the Universities of Gdańsk and Edinburgh is consistent with the Centre for Global Health Research set up by the University of Edinburgh.

For the University of Gdańsk, the commitment to this action is fully in line with strategic objectives that include a strong focus on enhancing research quality, intensifying mobility, increasing internationalization, and contributing to solving issues of utmost importance for today’s and future society. Establishing ICCVS complies with the research priorities declared by the Polish governmental bodies in the National Smart Specializations in Health Society.

Research outputs in form of numerous joint scientific articles as well as joint new research projects involving both – UG and UoE – show the strong ties between the partners.