The International Centre for Cancer Vaccine Science (ICCVS) aims to form a centre of excellence in inter-disciplinary research to improve human health by establishing discovery science programmes focussed on the immune-cancer synapse. The centre was launched at the University of Gdańsk in partnership with the University of Edinburgh in 2017. Our scientific objectives build on existing international collaborative networks and aim to (I) define fundamental mechanisms underlying neoantigen production in cancer cells; (II) define oncogenic pathways that shape the cancer-immune synapse; (III) develop novel computational and proteogenomics strategies to fully define the mutated landscape of cancers; and (IV) develop novel comparative cancer models that drive innovation in monoclonal antibody development and the production of multi-valent cancer vaccines. The implications of such discovery science will be improved socioeconomic benefits resulting from innovative cancer vaccinology and immunotherapy to improve human cancer treatment.