PhD degree for Marcos Mayordomo

Marcos has been awarded a PhD degree from the University of Gdansk for his PhD project entitled: Integration as a solution: A multi-omic approach to cancer diseases. Congratulations!

The thesis focuses on the integration of different molecular profiling technologies (multi-omics) as a tool to give a more complete molecular phenotype of the diseases. It is composed of three chapters, one about proteogenomic integration in Esophageal Adenocarcinoma, one on genomics and personalized cancer therapies in Undifferentiaited Pleomorphic Sarcoma, and the last chapter about multi-omic integration in Gorham Stout disease. The complexity of multiple different datasets in the thesis is handled with the implementation of common bioinformatic analytic tools that allow data interpretation in each study. The result is the discovery of new insights into each disease, revealing relevant biomarkers, possible therapeutic targets, or inside mechanisms of dysregulation.

The project was performed under the supervision of prof. Ted Hupp and assistant supervisor dr Javier Antonio Alfaro. The thesis has been reviewed by dr Christophe Battail from the Interdisciplinary Research Institute of Grenoble, Assistant Prof. dr Michael Dellinger from UT Southwestern, and Assistant Prof. Catia Pesquita from Universidade de Lisboa.

More information can be found here.