In the last week of March three ICCVS scientists: Alicja Dziadosz, Alicja Sznarkowska and Zuzanna Trybała visited the laboratory of Professor David Saliba at University of Malta. The visit was a part of the continued collaboration between ICCVS and UoM. Our scientists had a valuable opportunity to meet and discuss common research areas with researchers from UoM. A vital part of the visit was the continuation of training researchers from Professor Saliba’s laboratory in phage library techniques which started in September 2021 when Prof. Saliba visited ICCVS.

Our scientists also participated in a demonstration of the lipid bilayer formulation which is a technique that can be beneficial in many future experiments.

Visiting and exploring beautiful Malta and being welcomed by the very hospitable and kind people from the University was a wonderful experience for our scientists. During the numerous meetings, interesting presentations, and thought-provoking discussions they had a great chance to exchange ideas and establish new partnerships.

Zuzanna Trybała & Alicja Dziadosz