13th Mass Spectrometry School in Biotechnology and Medicine (MSBM)

In early July of 2019, multiple members of the ICCVS assisted to the Mass Spectrometry Summer School (MSBM) in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This event focused on learning all about the different mass spectrometry techniques and the evaluation of the knowledge in this field by different tests and exams.

The conference opened with a friendly talk by David Goodlett and followed with other interesting activities to learn our own personality and meet the people that assisted the event. Beside the different lectures and didactic activities, all the members of the ICCVS presented their work on a poster session, were they also learn more about the current uses of mass spectrometry in different fields of research.

During the conference Javier Alfaro was invited to do a lecture and two workshops, where he showed the computational strategies to follow in mass spectrometry analysis.

But not everything in the MSBM was about learning. Multiple companies that funded the event assisted to the summer school to show their last technologies in mass spectrometry and kindly networked with both students and professors. In the same way, the summer school offered free time to enjoy the magnificent weather of Dubrovnik in summer and organized a boat trip to one of the closest islands to the city and a beautiful banquet dinner as closing event.

The Mass Spectrometry Summer School offers a perfect event to learn about mass spectrometry techniques and how they work and also the perfect place to network with people that are on the edge of this field. It also create a balanced environment to both learn and enjoy at the same time.

Marcos Yébenes Mayordomo