Prof. Natalia Marek- Trzonkowska, Director of ICCVS: “ I have the pleasure to participate in the campaign of the Foundation for Polish Science, which aims to support the outstanding researchers at the early stage of their professional development. Personally, I am the second letter “U” in the important message “SCIENCE HELPS – HELP SCIENCE” (but of course in the Polish version of this phrase). I agreed to take part in this campaign with no hesitation. Scientific work is not really a job, but a way of living. Nobody chooses this job because of money. It is not connected directly with good earnings in any country. Nobody chooses this job because of power. I don’t know a scientist who became a president or prime minister, but maybe I don’t know much about politics. This work is demanding and never ends, because there is always something more that can be done. This work gives promise of a solution, but never guarantees that it will be found. This job teaches humility, accuracy and attentiveness. Gosh, who chooses this job willingly? However, some people still choose and that’s why I want to support these people with all my strength. The world needs people who believe that something can be changed for better. It is said that “hope is the mother of fools”, but it is “hope that moves mountains”…

Where would we be and how would we live without antibiotics, vaccines, surgery, anaesthesia or diagnostics? These are just questions from my field. What about knowledge regarding building materials? What about knowledge regarding outer space or predicting natural phenomena? What about planes, cars, computers and telephones? Do you realise that they wouldn’t exist at all without scientists? :)”

Prof. Natalia Marek- Trzonkowska

„U” stands for Polish words „układ immunologiczny” that means immune system. Immune system which natural potential is exploited by Prof. Natalia Marek- Trzonkowska in her studies on anti-cancer vaccines.

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