JunG awards to accelerate research at ICCVS

The University of Gdańsk has announced the winners of the first JunG Programme competition – The University of Gdańsk Programme of Young Research Group Leaders. Three of four of those internal grants go to the International Centre for Cancer Vaccine Science.

Laureates from ICCVS are:

  • Dr Javier Alfaro, who will be working on developing and validating a computational framework for proposing universal vaccines against SARS-Cov-2.
  • Dr Małgorzata Kurkowiak, who will be working on new roles of RNA editing mediated by ADAR1 in cancer, aiming to poin out new promissing targets in anticancer drug development.
  • Dr Wojciech Siwek, who will be working on mechanisms of transcriptional memory.

The winners receive a two-year grant receive funding for research in the  amount of PLN 200.000 each and the opportunity to engage two doctoral students at the UG doctoral school.

The aim of the JunG Programme is to activate young researchers to carry out ground-breaking research at the University of Gdansk. The laureates receive funds for the creation of the first research group and the implementation of cutting edge research conducted by young researchers.

From the left: Dr Javier Alfaro, dr Małgorzata Kurkowiak, dr Wojciech Siwek


More information about the Jung Program:
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List of laureates:
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