Ines Papak with ExCELLent Grant funding

VMD Ines Papak

We are happy to announce that VMD Ines Papak from Cancer Immunology group at International Centre for Cancer Vaccine Science. Ines got 4th price in the very competitive ExCELLent Grant program for young scientists. Ines is awarded with the prize of PLN 10 000 to be used for attending a conference or training chosen by the laureate. Ines is currently pursuing her PhD on NK cell biology and their therapeutic application in cellular anti-cancer therapy under supervision of prof. Natalia Marek- Trzonkowska at the ICCVS.

“I am very happy and excited to receive this award. My current research focus is a preclinical model of lung cancer immunotherapy, a broad and fast-developing field in which constant learning and skills improvement is a must. As a young researcher, I plan to use the funding to attend the conference that will help me expand my knowledge or training to gain a new set of skills that will greatly improve my currently ongoing research. This is the first year that competition took place, and I would like to thank the funders for this new opportunity” – says Ines Papak.

The ExCELLent Grant program is organized by Polish Stem Cells Bank (PBKM), the largest stem cells bank in Europe. The Competition aimed at young scientists who conduct high-level scientific research in one of the following fields:

  • cell biology,
  • regenerative medicine,
  • cell and gene therapies.

Currently, the 1st edition of the competition has been completed and the interest in the program was very high. The prize for taking one of the first three places was a grant of PLN 100 000 and the prize for taking one of the next three places was funding to attend a conference or training course.

More information about the ExCELLent Grant Competition: