Dr Jakub Faktor from ICCVS received MINIATURA 5 funding

Doctor Jakub Faktor from the International Centre for Cancer Vaccine Science (ICCVS) received funding in the competition MINIATURA 5 for preliminary research in the amount of PLN 49830 for his project “Dynamics of membrane proteome of T cells during activation”.

Dynamics of T cell membrane proteome upon antigen activation is not yet fully understood. Deeper insight into involved processes requires the development of new interdisciplinary approaches. We would like to blend label-free quantitative mass spectrometry (sequential-windowed-acquisition-of-all-theoretical-mass-spectra – SWATH) pipeline with membrane proteome isolation protocol to investigate the differences in membrane proteome dynamics between naive and memory T cells during antigen recognition – says dr Jakub Faktor. Label-free quantitative mass spectrometry promises an opportunity to capture membrane proteome changes in a time course providing a picture of T cell activation and differentiation process.  Revealed membrane protein pattern of an activated T cell could be later exploited for studying immune status in autoimmune diseases, viral infections and cancer. Therefore, mass spectrometry based insights into the mechanism of T cell activation might have future impact on understanding mechanisms of immune response in health and disease and can serve as diagnostic and prognostic tools.

More information: https://www.ncn.gov.pl/en/aktualnosci/2021-10-18-wyniki-miniatura5-lipiec