Katarzyna Dziubek has been awarded the Kosciuszko Foundation Grant.

We are happy to share that Katarzyna Dziubek, a PhD candidate at ICCVS, has been awarded the Kosciuszko Foundation Grant. Starting in October 2024, she will conduct a 6-month research placement in Schatton laboratory at Harvard Medical School. This research group was the first to demonstrate that the immune checkpoint receptor PD-1, a target for cancer immunotherapy, is not only present on immune cells but also on cancerous cells in melanoma. Their study also indicated a potential impact of cancer-intrinsic PD-1 expression on the response to immunotherapy in cancer patients, demonstrating that the mechanism of immunotherapy is more complex than initially believed.

Katarzyna Dziubek

During her PhD project, Katarzyna investigated the impact of PD-1 signaling on molecular pathways and PD-1 protein-protein interactions in a cellular model of osteosarcoma. By starting this collaboration, Katarzyna will be able to build upon her preliminary results. She will leverage the Schatton lab’s expertise in glyco-mass spectrometry, newly developed CRISPR-based mutagenesis protocols, and investigation of posttranslational glycan modifications to further study cancer PD-1 both in vitro and in clinical specimens. We truly believe that this may result in a long-lasting collaboration between ICCVS and researchers from Harvard Medical School.

The Exchange to the US Program, funded by the Kosciuszko Foundation, enables Polish scholars to pursue research or artistic projects at US universities. The Foundation awards grants and fellowships worth over $600,000 to approximately 40 scholars every year.

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