Open research Data Staff week in Malta

The Open Research Data Staff week took place at the University of Malta, Valletta Campus during 24-26 of January 2022. The programme was scheduled for Open Research Data Officers and Open Science Ambassadors in order to discuss and review best practices in open science field and to recommend further steps. I had a pleasure to join the group of Open Science Ambassadors. It was a chance to meet other researchers from different disciplines focused on open research and open data policy. We spent the time on inspiring and interesting discussions of opportunities but also challenges related to open data and open science. We could share our personal experience with open science in practise and open science initiatives on our universities. We also had an exceptional opportunity to visit the National Aquarium, Qawra which gave us an unique possibility to talk with science educators on site.

Apart from the Open Science events, we also had the time to explore beautiful views and places on Malta.

The Open Research Data Staff week was organised under the reSEArch-EU Project (reinforcing SustainablE Actions, resilience, cooperation and harmonisation across and by the SEA-EU Alliance), which is an initiative of the SEA-EU (European University of the Seas). SEA-EU is an alliance of six coastal European universities which share research interests and a commitment to integrate their infrastructures and harmonize their functioning to thrive and adapt to today’s changing world.

Małgorzata Kurkowiak