My Odyssey at the 15th MSBM Summer School, Dubrovnik

I recently returned from a week packed with enriching learning experiences, engaging networking opportunities, and memorable adventures in the heart of Dubrovnik, Croatia. I was fortunate to participate in the 15th Mass Spectrometry in Biotechnology & Medicine (MSBM) summer school from July 2nd to July 8th, 2023.

The summer school provided a deep dive into the fundamentals and applications of mass spectrometry (MS), spanning a diverse range of fields including proteomics, metabolomics, and peptidomics, among others. The lectures delivered by renowned scientists and the hands-on workshops offered a wealth of information. In my role at ICCVS, where I apply MS to profile proteins in cancers, this was an invaluable learning opportunity. I was able to further my understanding of the latest developments in MS, grapple with its challenges, and explore promising solutions.

This MSBM summer school was a fantastic opportunity to connect with the global scientific community. I had stimulating discussions with other students, scientists, and industry professionals, learning about their work and brainstorming potential collaborations. These conversations helped broaden my perspectives and appreciate the many ways MS is pushing the boundaries of scientific research.

Aside from the intensive scientific engagements, I had the chance to take in the calming beauty of Dubrovnik. The city, with its fortified walls and beautiful beaches, offered a tranquil backdrop to our fervent scientific discourse. The trip to Lokrum island and a hike to Mount Srđ added an extra layer to my experience, making it truly unforgettable.

I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the organizers of the 15th MSBM summer school. Special thanks to Prof. David Goodlett, without whom the trip to Dubrovnik would not have been possible. I want to also give thanks to Dr. Sachin Kote and the ICCVS. The learnings and memories from this event will certainly guide my future scientific endeavors and serve as a pleasant reminder of a remarkable week spent in Dubrovnik.

Kenneth Weke

Lokrum island View of the city from Mount Srđ