EMBO WORKSHOP Antigen processing and presentation 10 (APP 10)

EMBO Workshop took place in Paris, France, between 30th of May and 2nd of June. A big group of ICCVS members attended this workshop, including Robin, Chrysoula, Ala, Javier, Georges, Agata, Ewa, Maria and me (Sara). Robin gave a first talk at the workshop, about the work they are doing in the lab in Paris, particularly about pre-mRNA derived antigenic peptides for the MHC class I pathway, that are generated in the nucleus, Javier gave a short talk during the pitch session regarding bioinformatics strategies for the comprehensive characterization of immunopeptidome landscapes and few of us presented posters during poster session on Saturday.

The workshop covered wide aspects of the antigen processing and presentation topic, including: enzymatic processing and major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecule loading, especially in cancer immunotherapy, non-classical MHC presentation, cross-presentation, tickling APCs, targeting APC-Host-Microbe interactions and MHC class II-restricted presentation. There was a lot of speakers from all around the world and it was a great opportunity to discuss potential collaborations. A lot of interesting talks were about peptide splicing, but also about new exotic pathways in cross-presentation. Particularly interesting discussion during all 4 days of the workshop was about trans splicing and obtained results regarding it.


Additionally, every day there was an evening program and chance to hang out and chat in more relaxed atmosphere. We had a bit of free time that we used for visiting the beautiful city. In general, the workshop was very useful and we had a lot of fun in Paris!

Sara Mikac