ICCVS is a dedicated inter-disciplinary and highly collaborative research center that aims to train future leaders and teams in translational science and medicine. The main focus is research of molecular mechanisms in cancer immunology. The programme supports the development of new cancer vaccines therapies by providing a better understanding of oncogenic processes and their effects on immune surveillance and the elimination of transformed cells. Currently we have six inter-disciplinary teams with different research themes:

  1. Neoantigen Science – Robin Fahraeus
  2. Immunology – Natalia Marek-Trzonkowska
  3. Veterinary Science – Małgorzata Lisowska
  4. Mass Spectrometry – Irena Dapic
  5. Computational Science – Javier Alfaro
  6. Cancer-Immune Synapse and Therapeutics – Ted Hupp


The six principal investigators are joined by collaborating investigators from University of Edinburgh:

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